Milk intake for 15mo

Hello! My LO is currently on 3 meals and occasionally snacks on fruits after dinner. Is his milk intake too little? He’s been refusing the last feed before sleep time. Am concerned if I drop feed, he’ll wake up in the middle of the night and not sleep through the night. He’s on FM now. Appreciate any advice, thanks! 7am wake 730am 180ml milk 9am breakfast (baby cereal/bun) 12pm lunch (porridge) 3pm 100ml milk 6pm dinner (porridge) 830pm 60ml milk (used to be able to drink 180-210ml)

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to me it's ok because Porridge digest very easily. you might want to push back time a little like 3 hour after main give milk. since baby can drink more 3 hourly schedule .

Super Mum

Dinner is too close to the milk feed:) may need to bring dinner forward by at least half an hr. But if he’s eating and growing well, I wouldn’t worry too much too:)