Solid food intake for 8-12 month old baby

I need help to guide on what kind of solid food is good and nutritious for baby 8 months and above. So far i give my baby milk cereal (190ml 30ml cereal)for breakfast (9am), 12pm eat porridge with Spinach with minced pork (other days: carrot with porridge, pumpkin with porridge), about 2pm, drink milk cereal (190ml 30ml cereal), 5pm eat porridge (same in the noon time), 8pm drink milk cereal (190ml 30ml cereal) Can anybody share their daily baby food intake as a guide for me.. i’m worried i underfed my baby… might not get enough nutrients of solid for better growing… can share what snack inbetween the meals too

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u can try to give avocado, bananas, fruits for her in-between. I give oats as well cause my girl dun like milk cereal when around this time and she wants more solid food...but in between drink formula still.