14.5mo drinking too little milk?

Hi, my LO is currently on 3 full meals and 3 milk feeds. Here’s his typical schedule: 730am - 180ml milk 9am - breakfast (buns and/or cereal) 12pm - lunch (porridge about 1/4 cup rice w meat and veg) 3pm - 150ml milk 6pm - dinner (porridge similar to lunch) 7pm - fruits 9pm - 100ml milk Is he drinking too little milk? He has been sleeping through the night and does not wake up for milk feeds though. Am concerned because he doesn’t seem to have gained much weight since he’s 12mo. Has been hovering between 10-10.2kg. Appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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Super Mum

Our LOs main source of nutrients come from solids after 1 year old. my LO milk intake has also been reducing after she turned one. they tend to be more active as well so that probably explains the slow weight gain. I wouldn't be worried if her weight stays in the same percentile or doesn't drop 2 percentiles down. diaper output should be a good gauge if LO is taking enough too

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