Replacing one feed with solid

My baby is 7mo now, she has been eating rice cereal for breakfast and porridge for lunch. We learn recently that she can replace one milk feed with one solid meal, but her total milk feed is around 660ml (150ml per feed) which is lesser than the recommended intake. Dropping one feed mean it will be way too little for her. Anyone had tried replacing one feed with solid around same age?

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My baby is 7m old too and no I did not drop a feed cos babies who have started solid will normally have lesser milk intake and their main is still milk till 1 yrs old. He drinks about 720ml-900ml / day (180ml per feed). He also had 2 solids per day, breakfast and dinner.

3y ago

Thank you for your reply, it made me more certain to keep to her meal schedules.

Super Mum

Hi, At 7 months your baby’s main source of nutrition will still be milk. May I ask if she is dropping the feed on her own or are you moving her towards dropping her milk feeds?

3y ago

I’m moving towards dropping one milk feed at morning, as my baby centre list got one point that to replace morning feed with breakfast. But now I won’t be doing that, will continue as usual.