PhilCare Experience

Scheduling a consultation with PhilCare using the HeyPhil app was so easy and convenient! Upon launching the HeyPhil app, registering for an account was very easy. After filling out your basic information, you will then be immediately routed to your doctor. In my case, I had to be just called back since there was a queue for patients at the time of my booking. The app tells you, though, if a call back is needed or if you will be redirected to your doctor right then and there. On my first attempt, I was routed right away to my doctor. After booking through the app, my phone rang and an automated machine told me that she was going to redirect me to my doctor. First attempt though wasn't successful as the line got disconnected but the process was so comprehensive that the customer service team was prompted of the unsuccessful attempt. After a few minutes, a customer service representative called my number and confirmed if I really did get disconnected. In just less than a minute, I got a direct call from my doctor for my consultation. I'm not exaggerating but my PhilCare consultation was one of the easiest virtual appointments I had because it was quick and easy!

PhilCare Experience
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Easy, safe and covenient! 💙💚