The first time I was amazed by my child

I'll never forget the moment I held my son for the first time. I was exhausted and terrified and overwhelmed and so very much in love. A part of me couldn't believe he was actually in my arms, while the other part of me felt like I had known him my entire life. I'll never forget the moment I watched my husband hold his son for the first time, either, and can only imagine what that felt like for him. I was in labor for over 8 hours, pushing for over 3 hours and then the doctor had finally decided to give me an emergency CS. Ending a long and grueling pregnancy is the most dramatic, most physically demanding way I could have possibly imagined. However, after holding my son and looking at his eyes, I felt that a magic was happening. I knew what I felt and I told myself to give only the best for my child, which is breastmilk. With the support of my husband and lactation consultant, we overcame many early challenges and other than a few bumps (and more than a few teeth), most of the first year went smoothly. After we hit one year of breastfeeding, I was debating which best formula milk to give him. By the time Justin was 14 months old, I had decreased my pumping sessions as he was fully on solid foods, and fully transitioned to NanKid in a sippy cup. It was such a breeze because he instantly liked the milk and I knew I was still giving him the best nutrition for this growing body. How about you mommies, when was the first time you were amazed by your child? “Be amazed by your child for life” “Nourish your child’s every possible” #AmazingPossibles, #NANKIDPH, #theAsianparentph #TAPVIPMoms

The first time I was amazed by my child
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