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During the 2nd year of the pandemic I asked a question through the #TeamBakuNanay Facebook Page the question was if there is a home service app or website that caters any vaccination program? One answered yes there is an app where it offers home health services and that is AIDE. I immediately downloaded the app through Play Store, I browse through its menu services, I am bit anxious to know how much will be the fees and charges on it all because we was on a tight budget at the time. The app was easy to use and it gave me the services, information that I was looking for, its easy to book for a schedule and it fitted my budget for my son's flu vaccination. The doctor who assisted us was kind, knowledgable and efficient. Since its my first time to use the app I'd say I give it 9/10 rating. You should give it a try! I recommend this to all first time moms and dad's that don't have the time to go to the clinics because of the pandemic. #TeamBakuNanay #ProudToBeABakuNanay #VaccineWorksForAll #HealthierPhilippines #AllAboutBakuna #RESBakuna #BIDABAKUNATION

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nice to have services like this especially during these times. 💙❤💉

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Yay! Nice to know na may ganitong services lalo na this pandemic.