Do sahm invest? Dun mind sharing wad kind of investment you do? For those who take up investment policies, which insurance company did u take up wif? Thank u!

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Investment as in those saving policies as its the lastest so called investment by many insurance company ? It requires long time commitment from 12-21 years if you are investing in investment policies with insurance company and return only about few thousand dollars depend on how much you willing to invest so to be calculative its not really worth it .. If large sum i will place it in bank for Fixed deposit to gain interest from bank such as Standard chartered ? CIMB or Maybank .. (More on Overseas bank as the interest will be much more higher) & will not consider much to invest in any other products as SAHM already miss out salary unless got a part of savings then can invest. Otherwise NO investment but savings instead..

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4y ago

That's what I thought too.

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I think it depends on how much risk you are willing to take, and how much money you can spare. I do have an endowment plan for my son, but I don't have any investment-linked policies because: 1) I don't like the risk involved 2) I don't have that extra cash to do any investment so not taking the risk because we would have nothing left

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I did invest in a cash investment (one lump sum) that have fixed monthly return. Lower risk and return but still better than bank rate. Mine is with Manulife. My husband is aware of this investment and I still force myself to save a small sum of money every month for rainy days.

No lo. Where got enough money unless husband got got give . Barely enough for household since I become a SAHM

i don't believe in investments

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I am keen to know too!

I wanna know too!