This is useful to cook small portion of porridge for baby. U juz needa put tiz in ur rice cooker to cook can alrdy. Of cos inside u juz put e way u normally would do to cook porridge. U can cook together wif adult rice. Instead of buying a slow cooker, why dun u juz get tiz cheap at Carousell? Find tiz really useful. Juz sharing..

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Can provide more info about this ? I'm quite keen . What do u call this product so I can search on carousell .. or you have the link to the page on carousell?

7y ago

U can type Pigeon Cooking Pot in Carousell.

Get the Daiso version, works the same and won’t break the bank hehe.


Where can this be purchased and what is it called?

7y ago

Oohh my boy is 8 months now


thanks for sharing