Any SAHM ever feel that u are not suitable to be a SAHM And decided to go back to work? Have u ever felt burnt out? I really enjoy bonding time with my family as a SAHM but I feel burnt out sometimes .. :(

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I'd say you probably need some time with yourself, it can be exhausting to face your kids 24/7 :( Try to find a friend who can go out with you and your kids if you can't find anyone to help look after them, or even something as simple as taking time away from housework and using that time to watch a show or take a well-needed long shower :)

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Hey. I am like you. Though i am not a SAHM. i am a FTWM but i work my inlaws and stay w my inlaws i never had a chance to take ALs or Off days. i also feel very burnt out at times as my life is just home, work, home, work i always have 2 kids in tow too. So l always make an effort to do some me time stuffs once my kids are asleep

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Me! I don't think I am cut to be a SAHM. I enjoy bonding with my child but I found it burnt out after a while. So I went back to work after I found a childcare centre for my child. I will make sure not to bring work home if possible so that I could spend quality time at home with her!

So far, yes tired but nv feel that I'm not suitable to be a SAHM. I'm sure I'm the best caregiver for my Son. Maybe not a gd housewife though hahah but that's secondary. The job of a stay at home MUM just means u need to fulfil ur responsibilities as a Mum ;)

It is normal to feel burnout, I feels that every now and then. When I feel I am going to have a breakdown soon, I will drop everything and go out to meet my ex-colleagues for lunch to catch-up or do something I like.

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I can't just go out cos I have my two kids with me .. no other help .. :(

burn out is normal means you are doing the right thing. it's meant to be this way. why not take up something part time in that sense you can have some personal space.

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sahm is not easy mummy! and a ftwm isnt easy either! i am a part time working mum. sometimes i felt really exhausted. no off days for mums!

sometimes i will feel burn out...then i will go for grocery shopping or go out with my friend for tea or food or shopping