I have a stroller Donna but when my LO is sitting inside it feel so cramp for him and his leg is outside of the stroller. My lo is 6 months and I brought him another stroller with cost around $399 and my husband does not agree on it but I insisted that we need a bigger stroller for LO as he is grown and need a stroller which can recline all the way back for him to sleep when he is tired. But my LO love to be carry and I used to baby wear him around the shopping mall. He doesn't like to be seated inside the stroller. When we having dinner I have no choice but to place him inside the stroller he will be cranky and cry and my husband will be very angry and said to me let him cry as loud as he wants. He need to be train sitting inside stroller not every time wants you to carry him. Then I will be angry because I quite protective but I still respect his decision as he don't want me to be too tired and wants me to finish my food. He say LO is a guy he has to be slowly train to be independent not always when he cry or cranky we have to attend to him immediately. Whenever LO cries or cranky in shopping malls, all the stranger will keep staring and staring making me feel like I did something wrong. Is so frustrating. My husband said that I brought so expensive stroller I have to train him to seat inside don't waste the money. I feel that I should have think before buying the stroller. Or should I train him to seat inside the stroller? I gave him treats, toys any whatever that can give him I tried. But he wants me to carry.

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try to bring him down for a stroll in his new stroller and add some toys to distract him or something he can play with. Donna stroller is very small i find it too cramp and baby can stay in for upto abt maybe 8months depends on baby size. I always prefer to get something with more space for Baby to turn ard and also something easy for me to change his Diapers in it if really needed.. Hope ur baby get adjusted with new Pram try to stop baby wearing some kids gets too used to with mum smell thats the reason they dont want to sit in the pram.

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There is no specific ways to train a child to love stroller. Instead of sitting in a stroller during mealtime, why not sit on a high chair so LO can join the 'conversation' with the adults. While shopping, as you push the stroller try to interact with your LO. Like look! see there is a bear in the window. This interaction will keep your LO 'interested'

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Some LO just doesn't like to be in a stroller. try to keep him entertained in the stroller. For meal times just like what Jorelle said, let him sit on a high chair instead so that he can join u for the meal.

Maybe u can try to distract him with stroller type of toys that can be hang so it wont drop easily so he can play while sitting on the stroller and get used to it

For meal times, you should train and place your child in the high chair at all times. As long as it's repeated to good I should be seated on a high chair.

You need to be firm. Distsract and divert his attention. Do you have specific meal times?