My LO is 1 Month and 1 week plus. Recently he will suddenly scream out of his lung and start crying .. diaper check . Start feeding him but he is like eating 3 times to his normal feed. And still wanting more.. and will start to cry again with high pitch sound asking for more milk. Sometime I just manage to calm him down and he sleep. But sometimes he just can't be settle down. It's been going a week and he just keep being this way.

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It's a growth spurt! Pls download the book wonder weeks by Dr frans. It's amazing and explain why your baby is screaming like a hyena and drinking milk like a milk guzzler during this time. It's normal btw

He is looking for comfort. Like the mom said growth spurt! So be patient and hang on. Mummies rock! It will soon be over :)

sounds like a growth spurt. He may require more feeds then he normally would. he needs loads of cuddling and love

Might be colic?? If same timing everyday..?? Massage tummy with ruyi oil..


does it happen during certain time of the day only?