My newborn doesn't let me carry him

Just FYI, I am his mom. I breast feed him at night and bottle feed him in the day time. I change his diapers, play with him, do development with him and put him to sleep. But I want to be like other moms and rock my baby to sleep, carry my baby and talk to him etc. But everytime I carry him, or try to, he screams murder and struggle like mad. I have no choice but to put him down and he will stop screaming but continue crying. Someone has to take over to calm him down. I try every possible way of carrying him to no avail. The only way possible for me to calm him is to put him to my breast - breastfeed him. Everyone else has no issues carrying him - his grandma, grandpa, dad, even a stranger - only me. This makes me very sad. He doesn't even smile much or talk with me. Everytime I try to talk to him he stares at me blankly. His dad walks past and he saw him and he starts smiling and babbling. His grandma and grandpa too. Only me. I feel like my baby hates me.

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Hi mummy, this was me last time. Baby smile and always looking at papa and other caregivers e.g. grandparents, but looks away from me. There's a belief that babies do not see themselves separate from mama when they're still young. She started to "recognise" me later at about 6 months. Just continue to spend alot of time with him, cuddle him, he will know who is mama eventually, for now he is still adjusting to the world outside ❤️ Jiayou you are doing great!

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Hi mummy, i was in your position 😭😭 I felt super useless and keep crying. This happen after baby discharged till he was abt 1 month+ , afterwards it was ok. Which im not sure whats the reason also. And no, your baby doesnt hate you, he’s also figuring out how the outside world works. Keep doing what youre doing, baby will slowly get used to you. Hang in there!!

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I was in the same situation as you before with my newborn and I'm a first time mum. I was so depressed back then. but things definitely got better thereafter, never give up bonding with your baby. don't give yourself too much stress too!

how old is he?

3mo ago

2 months going to 3