Just to rant. Mil put my baby on her house door mat to let him crawl n play on it.. is there any common sense? Door mat for ppl to wipe their legs when they enter/exit! Sometimes, i really wonder if she got use her brains anot! I'm already trying my best not to get angry so easily but the way ppl do things juz piss me off!

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Hmm. Can imagine your frustration. Good that u can control yourself. Maybe can remind her that the mat is not really clean. Later baby rub his eyes or put his finger inside his mouth... When u are around, maybe u can just quickly tell her to place baby on the mat or elsewhere

Zzz.. Maybe get her a quality play mat? Before one is quick to critic, we must make the best effort to rectify the issue To have the empathy to live under ones skin. For these are the values we wish to impart to our children.

5y ago

There is a thick blanket which we always lay it on e floor in mil's living room... it is quite big in fact.. instead of putting LO on e floor or on e blanket, she put him on e door mat... i'm not a person who is quick to criticise. There is totally no logic at all for her to do such thing seriously.

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Ewk! Can't imagine the amount of germs and dust on it! Please tell your MIL to stop doing that and perhaps get a playmat instead!

Ewww personally I don’t like to step on floor mats, usually I’ll tip toe across any mats because it’s so so so dirty.

It's so dirty and filled with germs. I would speak with my mil if i were in your shoes. Hygiene is very important.

5y ago

@Magus Thanks for ur comment. If u read my post, i did say ' Just to rant'.

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ewwww! I will just walk and carry the baby up and just say. Ma! so dirty! people step on it with dirty feet!!!!

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5y ago

totally know how you feel!!!!

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Buy a playmat and ask her to use it instead. Some old folks are just...no comments.

its always the mil doing the stupid stuff. You should give her a piece of your mind.!

Sometimes a bit of germs won't harm. I'm different from you. i usually just let baby go.

5y ago

Yes. I'm ok wif a bit of germs.. but carpet/mat has e most germs in it..

I'll just take lo awaym frankly I don't really bother even with my boys.