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For parents who introduce pacifier, why? Also what are health risk for using pacifier and which month is the best to introduce pacifier without causing health risk for baby? Does pacifier lead to sleep association and does this affect parents alot? How do you tell baby needs pacifier vs need milk?

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I introduce pacifier for several reasons. 1) For Self-soothing. Giving her some alone time. Usually does this when my 9 weeks old is in her car seat while we travel. Allowing her to view scenery herself without any disturbance from us. 2) Sleepy. When my girl becomes sleepy and was cranky because she needed some coaxing, I will give the Pacifier while coaxing her to sleep so she'll fall asleep faster and deeper sleep. 3) Not time yet for 2nd round of milk. Sometimes to prevent reflux issues, I will usually give milk at least 2 hours each feeding. But sometimes she might want milk at 1h30mins. Which I will give her pacifier until it hits 2 hours at least then I will give her the milk. So far my girl don't really wants Pacifier unless she needed comfort from sucking. Otherwise she will gag and wanted to puke or cry whenever I stuff the Pacifier in her mouth without her needing one. So far I never hear got any health risk before. So probably just provide whenever your baby needs comfort. But don't make it habit to give regularly.

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i heard alot of uneven tooth using pacifier. from. experience, me and my lil bro didn't use pacifier (we didnt like it as a baby). i have straight teeth while my bro has uneven. i think it depends. its up to your preference. i gave my girl early at few days old as she cries alot due to poor latch. and i want to prevent her from taking more air in from crying. so far shes 1mo+ now, she still uses pacifier from time to time but not so dependent on it. i dont latch her so its for her comfort. once shes half asleep, she'll just spit it out. and for me to know if she wants pacifier or milk, i usually distinguish her mouth sounds like clicking(?) sound. from what i noticed, she don't cry for pacifier. it's just i put in her mouth for her to wait for her milk and prevent excessive crying. and when shes crying and i cant soothe her, pacifier helps calm her for a bit for me to adjust and think wtv i need to do

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Health risk is possible = uneven teeth. I gave my lo pacifier at 1 week old. And I believe most babies will wean themselves off. Thankfully, my lo haven’t been crying for the pacifier. Most of her cries are for milk / uncomfortable diaper.

it’s said that pacifier lowers the risk of SIDS, i give my lo pacifier while she waits for milk & after feeds as she drinks quite fast and her tummy haven’t registered the milk yet so i give her pacifier to suck instead of more milk

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i give her when shes 2-3 months old. heard that if we keep giving pacifier, the baby will have uneven teeth. but lucky, she never depend on pacififer often, just for sleep. and she is clever to take the pacifier herself hahahah


I gave my baby when 2 month old. She's not really a fan of pacifier. She only eat them while she sleep and spit out when she's about to doze off. If she's hungry you give her pacifier she will dump it away. 😂

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I intro because my baby has colic. Doctor recommended me to use it as it can soothe her. I used it when she was almost 2 months. Using pacifier can reduce SIDs. The possible health risk will be crooked teeth.

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Intro to my #1 as he had strong sucking reflex and wouldn't calm down otherwise. Stopped quite late, abt 3 years old. But most pple say to stop by 18 mths. Can cause jaw deformities and crooked teeth.

No known health risk for now. Most of us would have used pacifiers before when we were young. It’s just to pacify and soothe crying babies.

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I tried, my girl didn’t like it. If your LO doesn’t look for it, no need.

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Sucking does soothe babies. If she tends to suck her fingers, then I guess it’s a sign that she will like pacifiers. My lo comfort latches on me so I really, really wanted her to like pacifiers but she doesn’t. So #ripboibs for me.