Hi ,my son currently is 15month plus . He need his pacifier everytime he wanted to sleep . When he sleep either i take out or drop he will cry . He cant sleep without the pacifier . How do i stop him for using the pacifier?

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So far the only method that works is quit cold turkey. But my bb case he doesnt need it to stay asleep and only sometimes need it to be asleep.

3y ago

Cold turkey means quitting all together. Cut the paci and show bb. Cut means cannot use anymore and no more alrd. They will cry and demand for it for a few days sometimes to a week. But need to be firm, no means no. Another way if you find this method too cruel and just want to find a way for bb to find paci at night is get a lot of paci and just place ard the bed 😂 his small hands will find paci and auto put in his mouth