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Is it okay to drink cold fresh milk during pregnancy?

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It is not recommended for pregnant women to include milk that hasn't been heat-treated in their diet. It can contain pathogenic bacteria and lead to food poisoning. This can adversely affect the course of pregnancy and the future baby's health.

I drank meiji pasteurised milk almost daily when pregnant, but not straight out of the fridge if possible. Usually I'll let it "rest" abit otherwise too cold for the early morning. Baby all good and healthy!

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Yeah. Why not. Technically when you drink cold stuff, once it reaches your tummy, it is room temperature already. Doesnt make any difference

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I do, but I usually will pour a glass and leave it for about 10 mins only drink so that it is not so cold, but still cold though 😂

Yes, but try to drink less as high sugar content and will be at risk of gestational diabetes.

Yea totally fine. It's a good source of calcium

I drink cold sometimes. Totally fine 👍🏼

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Do drink milk specially for pregnant mums

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Yes. Any pasteurised milk is fine.

Agree with Mummy Rochelle