It is ok to eat mutton during pregnancy? There's some Chinese myths not to eat mutton during pregnancy. Asking as I have craving for mutton soup.

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actually the reason most people say it is better to avoid mutton during pregnancy is because it creates a lot of heat in the body, which may make you uncomfortable. also, red meat is definitely not good for overall health, and it contains a lot of fat and other such things that remain in your body and may lead to health concerns in the future. if you really wish to, have it in extreme moderation, and try to go for preparations that are not too spicy, too hot or too oily. it will also help to avoid indigestion and heartburn problems.

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I agree with Jorrela Aw, eat what you like even you're in 1st trimester pregnancy! We've all known, when we're in pregnancy, we only eat as enough as we need, not too much to eat, especially in the 1st trimester when we get nausea even vomit. So, lets craving mutton if you want it now!

I agree with Debolina. Mutton does cause heat in the body. But anything in moderation should not hamper your health.

I had mutton soup. No problems. Ditch the myths out the window :)

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I don't see why not. Eat whatever you like! In moderation of cause!

Can eat, but will raise body heat. Eat once or twice a month ok

i think i might murder anyone who stop my craving for mutton curry😂

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yes but in moderation as red meat increases body heat.

Have not heard of this though! Should be fine.

Everything in moderation