can early stage pregnancy eat mutton?

Someone told me if eat mutton, the baby will born out with seizures. Anyone knows if there is scientific proven?

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Nope! I had 3 births before, and every pregnancy was, i always eat mutton. Now my pregnancy 10weeks today, and I almost eat mutton mostly 2-3times in a week, and God bless me, I never had a misscarriege experience in every stage of 3x pregnant was...

There's no scientific proof for this. It contains Iron which is useful, but I'd follow general consensus here and avoid

I don’t think it’s scientifically proven! But if can, just try to eat less often?

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No scientific proof but better to listen to advise and avoid

My gynae encouraged me to eat mutton. As it contains iron


I don’t think so. Just eat in moderation


Mutton is good. Lots of protein and iron.

Nope it's just superstition.

Never heard of it before.

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Never heard of it