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Baby Movements

Is it true that when you are expecting your 3rd baby the movements start as early as 8 weeks?
Depends individual. But I thk 8 wks is too early

Clothes to wear during pregnancy

Is it safe to wear stretching denim pants when you are pregnant?
It won’t be comfortable in the last trimester

Losing a baby

After losing a baby whether it's a 1st born or 2nd born,have you ever felt like you don't want to be pregnant anymore because you might lose the other baby? And if it happened that you fell pregnant a
Sorry to hear this. It’s definitely a tough journey, but I believe your husband and family is with you. & don’t think negatively. I’m sure we didn’t want this to happen, big hugs

Healthy food

Please tell me what are the things can someone use if she is Anaemic or has a shortage of Iron?
Take more meat and vitamin C rich foods. Do get supplements from your gynae too
Liver. Spinach


Is it possible to be anaemic if your Hb is 11.3? I also feel very tired most of the time, I'm 10 weeks pregnant. TIA
With HB of 11.3, u can't be anaemic.

Baby movements

Hi there. Please help, what can someone do if the baby is not moving as much as it is supposed to even if the person exercises. She is 5 months pregnant
Please inform your gynae ASAP!