sex during 1st trimester

Hi im 7weeks.... Is it normal to have sex with my spouse during 1st trimester... My husband is little worried of having intercourse with me, scared might harm the baby.. but i could not control myself.. sometimes use to masturbate myself. Is it ok to do so....??

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There were times during my pregnancy,in earlier weeks, i wasn't aware that i'm pregnant that time. Me and husband used to have rough sex. Several times. Nothing happened. No spotting/bleeding. We're only realize bout our baby on 9th weeks. Can u imagine how many rounds of sex/rough sex we'd done. But thank god nothing happened. As soon as we realize bout our pregnancy, we decided to stop those activities for a while. Maybe after 20th-25th weeks, we'll consider to start having sex again.

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Of coz u can have sex, just be more gentle.. Don't worry ok.. Be aware if there is any blood spot, ASAP go to clinic for chek up..