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pregnancy hormonal acne

Hi everyone! Good day to you! Anyone experienced pregnancy acne on face before? im feeling insecure that its all over my chin but in tiny bumps 😞 and i use makeup daily at work. any advises???
Am having it rite now..esp at my forehead..felt the same with u..even though ive tried to put the acne gel etc but it doesn't work..stress..haha

Toddler refuse to drink milk

hi mummies. my 1 year 9months toddler refuses to drink formula milk and even fresh milk since yesterday. we replaced his bottles to new ones since the old ones are really bad, the teat is in a differe
Poor baby! It guess it's because of the teething. Or could it be the jab making him feel under the weather?

is sausages okay for toddler?

Hi mommies. wanna ask for opinion on sausages/hotdogs. occasionally is it fine to give my almost 2 years old toddler? I've never given him to try it yet but my SIL gives her 10 months old on a daily b
Hi your child is 1 year plus which usually their digestive system have fully developed, of course you can give him sausage, he’d love it! 😍

miscarriage or period

hi can anyone share with me the difference based on experience. i have been late for 7 days but the upt shows negative and suddenly lastnight i had fever and flu. i woke up this morning with spotting
Check upt positive ke.. Kalau miscarriage upt postve sis..

5 days late

tomorrow will be the 6th day of my late period. still torn between thinking im preggy or just late since i tested twice when i first missed my period and yesterday came out negative. anyways just givi
relax wait another week if still no priod then try check again...Hope all the best for u

Tested again today

4 days late for period and now just took another pregnancy test but came out negative. am i doing it too early? how long should i wait?
1 or 2 weeks :) wish you all the best
Why dont you gv a try to use clear blue nrml test or digital test..
saye pon,,,late dah period 6 hari tpi UPT everyday -ve je😣
just wait 1 or more week...
i tested everyday and came out negative and i understand the feeling when u feel like u are pregnant but it came out negative.. however, after 7 days, walla.. got 2 line..

Pregnancy Tests

Hi everyone. Can recommend any good pregnancy test that can be bought at the local pharmacy with the price? Thanks, planning to test out later at night as i am already 4 days late period. did one a da
i dulu 2 minggu baru tahu i pregnant. tu pun kene tunggula seminggu. sebab mungkin lambat kot jadinya. hehe. apapun, makan makanan yg sihat.
i beli yg kt guardian yg brand biasa je.. hehe. tp seeloknya buat awal pagi ..
Clear blue digital .. harga dlm Rm38 je ..
clear blue digital..akan inform how weeks pregnant juga..sebaiknya guna urine pertama lepas bangun tidur utk result yg lbh baik

Delayed walking

Hi everyone. if anyone can give any opinions or petua that would calm me down abit on this matter, my son is 20 months old and he is a 31 week premmie. he reached other milestones probably around a mo
first of all think positive and have courage to overcome it instead of put ur worried up. for me, it is better to refer ur problem to your paediatric doctor. they all hv solutions to your problem. Th
hi, hv u try to google n see how to encourage a baby/toddler to walk?