Week 7

My new symptoms ~ I kept having a mild headache these 2 days. ? Also, started to have lots of dreams. ? I am no more waking up to look for food middle of the night since I drank a cup of milo before bedtime. But I would still wake up to toilet. No more heartburn, no more diarrheoa since I controlled my diet to no milk, no full meal and less spicy. The bloatedness also getting lesser now.? I feel stomach pulling pain whenever I turn around or stretch in my bed. Even sneeze, I feel pain. But I recalled last Fri, I was nauseous jus bcos I was too hungry, I delayed lunch time for 30 mins and end up I couldn't enjoy my lunch well. The nausea last me for the whole day. I never allow myself to b starving like this again.

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The headache could be because of thr haze too. Was experiencing bad headache when i spot the whole day, i sleep to recover, try to avoid medications. Glad that your your old symptoms are all in control 😊 i have alot of dreams too at the start. Some ppl have it till the end of pregnancy. It's normal. My gynea says too.

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Jiayou!! All will be worth it as soon as you see your baby