No end to nausea?

I have been having quite bad gastric pain and nausea/ vomiting since week 7, was given dicletin and omeprazole since week 9 but it was only for 2 weeks. Now im week 11 nearing 12 and the nausea and gastric pain still bothers me, even have trouble sleeping. Anyone has similar experience, wondering if I should ask for more prescription of the two medication.

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Got prescribed famotidine for gastric pain and metoclopramide for nausea this time. Was hesistant to take but pain was so bad this morning that i took the famtidine and it was good relief. Nausea improved after the bloating got better.

Hi mummies. ive been having the same experience since Day 1. and its been bothering me since then. Have not prescribe any medi yet. Will inform the doctor soon.

i’m also the same as you (nearing wk 12 and still puking like mad every night). my doctor prescribed a stronger nausea meds for me - metoclopramide

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I got thus at poly clinc. was drowsy for 30 mins and then nothing :p week 14 today and expected it to stop but still Ongoing #prayingforamiracle

hi. I was vomitting till 14 weeks. finally stopped at 15 weeks but will still vomit once in a while. hang in there! you'll soon get better!