No appetite - help pls!

Hi mummies to be, i am just on my 6wk. I went to check up last week as i had brown spotting and felt sharp light pain on my right abdomen. Found that i had a polyp on my cervix and was given Duphaston pills. Im not sure if it is the side effect of the pills but it has been a week now and i have no appetite to eat. I do feel hungry now and then but i feel quesy and nauseous when i think of eating. Even the smell of food makes me nauseous. So i have not had a proper meal for a few days and i am quite worried as i am not giving enough nutrition to my body. Anyone else has went through the same?

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the gynae told me duphaston increases the side effect like nausea for some ppl, which it did for me. even walking made me sick at times. I found eating dry stuff with no smell the best, so I ate cereal dry and some bread, took alot of fruits for nutrients. try not to let yourself feel too hungry or too full. so break your meals into bites every other hour e.g I broke a banana into 3 and ate 1 portion every hour. it got really better after I stopped the pills. so hang in there!!

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I’m experiencing the same. I’m also taking Duphaston but not sure if that could be the cause or just the said “morning sickness”. I’ve lost about 2KG and can barely finish half of my meals. I’m looking forward to the day I’ll enjoy food again!

2mo ago

Hi! Yes i bet all of us who are expriencing this will want to eat and enjoy food normally again. I can't even have a meal..have been eating biscuits and bread mostly. I really don't like this feeling of nausea all day long 😭

I’m 7 weeks now, been nausea and not eating well since week 6. Feel that life is so miserable 😭😭😭 I lost 2kg also. But apparently gyane think it’s normal. Baby is feeding on mummy reserve

2mo ago

Hi! Glad to know i'm not alone in this. Yes it feels awful not to be able to eat! I hope this phase will pass both of us quickly so that we can eat properly! All the best to us!

I’m also taking duphaston cause when i was 5w i get brown spot too . And yes i am not feel wanna eat even i am hungry

2mo ago

But keep on hungry , but no appetite