Harmony test or not?

Hi! Need suggestions on whether I should go for Harmony test. I did my OSCAR test and result was low risk 1 in 3000. However, my 20 weeks scan showed 1 common marker of Trisomy 21 (there’s an extra blood vessel in baby’s heart and that’s common in DS babies). Should I still go for harmony test? Taking note that there are no other anomalies found.

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Just do it to give you the assurance and peace of mind. I did mine at KKH @$750. Take good care and God bless you and baby.

I would if I were you, my friend? Better to spend n get reassurance than to worry n wonder for the rest of the pregnancy?

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Better to take harmony test. So that you won’t be worries during your pregnancy journey

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Better to go for harmony test as it’s more accurate. To give urself assurance too.

Hi any updates now? Hope everything’s fine!

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Better to get Harmony if within your budget

Hi, Better to go for the Harmony test

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Please consult your gynecologist.

I would go for haramony test

Get advise from ur gynae