Need some tips or advice... My husband is a wonderful father, he is not the patient kind but when my dau arrived in this world, he improved on his patience towards her. However, the dating feeling that I used to have even though I am married for 8 yrs diminished when my daughter was born. He is not willing to go abroad without my daughter even though my daughter will be in good hands. He wants to see her everyday. I really tot men would like a break too.... So my question is, I know I can't get to him to reignite our spark we had so I need to change my thinking since I knw I can't change his. How do I make myself feel better?

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It's really sweet and while most women would love this, I think I would be personally annoyed - lol. Cause it's like what about me! Am I not important? Lol. Have you shared with him how you feel? I always communicate with my DH and so he knows that I need me and Him time too :)

5y ago

My hubby also love our kids more than me especially towards my eldest boy. Sometimes i think i am just a maid to them. Me too have talk and made known my feeling to him but things never change for the better..... So i got to change myself to make myself feels better.....