Need to rant. My husband staying with my parents, he usually only play his game and don't even care if baby is crying only when he feel like caring then he go. He don't have patience and can hardly take care of baby for 2 hrs. Baby is 5 months old and today I ask him to take care of baby I need a 2 hrs sleep, he did take care and then when I wake up and feed my baby, my husband suddenly sneeze very loudly. Baby suddenly cry very loud for a long time and hard to calm him.down. My husband shouted very loudly "cry cry cry! Everyday only know how to cry!" Then he vent out his anger already he go back sleep. I really feel like my husband is so irritating. I really regretted marrying him. He is my best friend before becoming my husband. Really feel so sad.

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It can get frustrating to handle a crying baby. I myself gets irritated at times ...

Hang in there mummy!