My husband and I have different way of letting my lo goes to sleep. He is the cry it out method but he will hold our boy to his body and stop him from struggling his hands and legs then assure him to cry it out its fine and he sleep after that. But everytime he did that I will be uncomfortable and angry, because I too heart pain for my lo. My way will be the normal coaxing and as always it can took me 1hr to 2hr for him to get to sleep. My husband say sleeping is very important to him so cry it out is the best way and efficient way for him to get into sleep. Rather than me rocking him for 1 or 2 hrs and he still wide awake not sleeping. My lo can stay up for 7 hrs not sleeping no matter how I rock him. Only my husband use the cry it out method it make him get some sleep or nap. My lo is 2 months old going to 3 months. Any mummies or daddies is doing the cry it out method?

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Oh. I agree wif ur hubby. We used e cry it out method too when he was abt 1-3months old.. We had a hard time trying to rock him to slp at nite at tat time.. We carried & walked up & down, rocking him in our arms, and it took us so long to put him to slp..! So i tried e cry it out method in e daytime & nite time too. At nite, we put baby down on his cot & i hold both his arms down firmly to prevent him from struggling while he was crying. After crying for sometime, he stopped crying & fell asleep. It works after a month or so. Babies really need to be trained to slp.. If not, we will be too tired. I find tat if ur hubby can make him slp by using his method, y not? Juz bear wif it for awhile more. If ur baby starts learning to slp on his own by self soothing, both of u will not be so stressed up & tired. Maybe u can try going into ur room when ur hubby makes him slp. After he has slept, den u come out? U wont feel so heartpain like tiz.

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I'm not for the cry it out method. I did it with my first son. He was about 8months old. I started late. The cried for 45 minutes straight till he vomited. Babies are young and they need us. I would say go for the maternal instincts. No one can tell you what to do. It's your baby. Also, babies only way of expressing is through crying. Even science has now proven that a baby can't be spoilt. If I could I would not have done it. Why not try another method. The feber method. In that way both you and hubby can compromise.

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7 hrs of awake time for a 2-3 mth old is too much. Not good for health n brain development ... if rocking doesn't work, try other method. If ur hb method work, I will let him go ahead.