Growth spurts?

My baby is abt 11 months. Recently will take more than 5 hrs before sleeping at night. At times 6 hrs. He will wind down to sleep, but will kept turning and sit up and cry murder, throw tantrum,cry very loudly,swing hands.Then I need to carry or pat to soothe him. Does teething affect too?After given teether he more relax then sleep. At midnight he woke up 1 to 2 times and need pat again to sleep. Previously not like that. Will it go away when baby pass growth spurt?

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Hi! Yes it could be growth spurts or teething(if u see it swollen).U can give some cooling item for him to bite to soothe his gum during the day. My son only wants to be held and cuddle while sleeping but it will go away after around 3days - 1 week. I will let him have his naps during the day so he won’t be tired easily at night. Try to comfort him during these time it will pass by before u know it.

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My baby is also 11 months now, she cried every midnight & I need to carry and pat her too. She fall asleep I put back to her baby cot sometimes she cry again. Previously she can sleep overnight. It has been a week she cried every midnight too. Not sure is teething or stomachache.

Yup sounds like growth spurt/ teething problem. But growth spurts can occur again later