Just need to rant about how stupid my maid is. We are middle of moving house and I asked her to pack all the clothes in the house except for 3 days worth of clothes and to come with the driver to meet me at the new house. I confirmed with her 3 times that she understood the instructions. What did she arrive in the new house with? Yup, 3 days worth of clothes instead of all the clothes minus 3 days. Omfg. Even if she misunderstood or was confused wouldn't common sense dictate that we would bring most of the clothes to the New house and not leave it in the old house, which we have to leave on Friday? And she is aware that we are leaving the old house on Friday. Sigh.

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Common problem of speaking too "chim" English to our helpers especially if their English comprehension is poor to begin with. I'm sure I'm guilty of it occasionally and my helpers are certainly not stupid, but sometimes they also have problem understanding me if I word the instructions in too complicated a manner. As employers we also have to realise that they have limitations. If they are so clever, they wouldn't be working for us as a maid. However, if English comprehension is very important to you and your family and is creating significant friction over several incidents, perhaps you may wish to consider a transfer. It may simply be that she is not suitable for your working requirements.

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I'll always try to pass on my instructions the way they would understand (eg: with a rationale, simplier english, hand gestures etc...) Asking them to write down or explain instructions back is a good way to know if they understood. It's really not nice to call anyone stupid. Like the above response, I had to read your post multiple times to understand what you were trying to convey. And we are not stupid.

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I think you need to simplify and specific in what you telling her. In this case instead of saying pack all but 3 days worth of clothes, tell her to pack 3 days worth of clothes to keep in old house and the rest all bring to new house. This may be less confusing for her.

Actually when u type here, I don't quite understand..I need to re-read a few times..hmmm.. Ur helper isn't stupid.. Tink u r stressed up with moving of hse..

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Did you double check with her on the types? Yes sometimes they misinterpret our English as their English standard is much lower

The post was 3 years ago already by looking at the thread starter’s reply timestamp.

I think your English is too Chim for her (because of the word except)

I think it's not very nice of u to call her stupid

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I think you are kinda petty to pick on my choice of words in an anonymous forum. Infact, if we are talking about nicities, than i think it's not very nice of you to pick on it.

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Maybe she don’t get your language she just said yes

Just speak simple english.