Grandparents Vs Nanny Vs Maid Vs CC, which will you choose?

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My parents with my helper. Send to and fro daily. My 14 mths old boy super active so me and my parents needed the extra hands esp now I'm preg with 2nd one... own parents easier to talk. Like if weekends I got something on, I just tell my parents to help... but grandparents will normally pamper their grandchildren in the most silly way till bb will bully them... CC more discipline ba..

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In order of preference: 1. Grandparents 2. Maid with supervision of grandparents 3. CC 4. Nanny

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Grand parents. If there is a maid to help them that would be the best.

Grandparents but my parents

Super Mum

Both sets of grandparents

CC without a doubt!!

CC without a doubt.

I prefer CC too

Most likely CC!

Super Mum

CC for the win!