My mother in law wanted to bring my 16 month old son to family event out of town. Due to work issue, me and hubby can't attend the event. Is it safe to baby in that age travelling without parents? And what should i prepare to make my mom in law easier? They stay for 3 days.

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Di ako makakakampante. Will file a leave na lang basta I'll make sure na ok si Baby pero will not allow also.

I won’t allow

honestly, even though my in-laws are very caring with my child, i was never able to leave my baby with them when she was so young. it is not that i do not trust them, but it was just that i felt one o


In additional to what Diana mentioned, you can also try having your baby stay with your mother-in-law for a night to see if she could handle the baby? In a way, you wouldn't want her to be overwhelmed


If your MIL has been the main caretaker of your child at home, I believe there will be no problem for her to handle your kid as she is familiar with your kid's schedule and temperaments. Thus, you don