How to manage parents and in law?

Recently abit triggered / uptight when it comes to visiting my parents and in law with my baby. Just a quick bg.. I stay at Yishun, my parents and in law both stay at central area (Kallang) . My baby is placed at ifc till 7pm daily due to we the parents working at hougang and Jurong. My hubby work on sat full day. Usually we try to bring my baby back to my mum place on fri night for dinner at their place. By the time we pick my baby up , we will reach around 730pm. And we gotta leave at around 9.30pm as my hubby working next day and baby needs to sleep . We don’t have a helper. My parents and in law doesn’t come and ‘help out’ cause of far travelling(they complained ). Now they are complaining indirectly that they are seeing their grandson too little. I am offended.. because Everyday we rush day and night but all they care is for us to bring baby back. I know they want to see him but they are not helping but instead giving us stress for this kind of unnecessary stuff. My in laws are both retirees and always want us to bring him back to their house. Sometimes we bring 2 weeks once . Sometimes 3. Cause Sunday is me and hubby only family off day. So we will do housework , rest or spend time as a family by bringing baby out. I am stressed and angry over this.. how do u guys manage? Haiz.. My bto is coming 3 years old. we tried appealing to sell early but no news from hdb. It’s really tiring me and my hubby out . I

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I know we're supposed to respect parents and all but I would really not go out of my way if it's not comfortable. at the end of the day we are the one that will be exhausted. so do what is within your means. ignore the nagging and scolding. After a while they will stop. I just tell them (nicely) that I can book grab for them if they want to come over but I'm too tired to go over every time. so in the end they gave in and we take turns going to each other's place.

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3y ago

Yes.. I always tell them I grab for them then they will say waste money , don’t want etc. Pekcek ... really exhausting!! It happens on a weekly basis


it's normal. they are too free and bored, that's why they want to see baby more often. try explaining to the about it see if they can be understanding