My marriage last for two years. My husband and I were separated and we were living separately. I stayed at my parent's house while he stayed with a woman that he loved. We have yet to proceed to divorce as we cannot communicate and will lead to arguement. I am not sure for how long can I wait. By the way, I have two children (aged 2 yrs old & 3 mths). He never care about the children. I need opinion. I feel lonely and sometimes I need someone to pour woes. Certain things I cannot share to my family and children. Is it ok that I can find a man that sincerely care & love me? I feel i need a love for me & my children.

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hi just want to nt wrking.. my husband is wrking...may i knoe if i go thru divorce is the custody surely go to the husband cuz i haf no income

2y ago

Highly likely. Since this is your worry, why don’t you go look for work now? How you going to feed your child if you have no income?