My marriage last for two years. My husband and I were separated and we were living separately. I stayed at my parent's house while he stayed with a woman that he loved. We have yet to proceed to divorce as we cannot communicate and will lead to arguement. I am not sure for how long can I wait. By the way, I have two children (aged 2 yrs old & 3 mths). He never care about the children. I need opinion. I feel lonely and sometimes I need someone to pour woes. Certain things I cannot share to my family and children. Is it ok that I can find a man that sincerely care & love me? I feel i need a love for me & my children.

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It's time to get the legal stuff done up, start again with a clean slate. I am sure you do feel lonely and struggle to juggle at times, you do need comfort and love, someone to tell you that everything is going to be alright. It's is totally normal to feel how you are feeling. However, at the same time you are vulnerable, should you meet a man who will not give you what you need, you will be hurt again. If you need someone to talk to, to vent, you can talk to us, or any counsellor available via their hotlines. AWARE, and a few others I can't recall now. Just remember there is nothing wrong with your feelings but you need to set the priorities right. Get the divorce, make sure you and your kids are taken care of financially.

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