My daughter came from her preschool the other day in tears. In the two years that she has been there this is the first time that she has refused to go to school. The last week has been very hard work getting her to school. I asked her if her teacher had scolded her, or if she had had a fight with her friends..she said no. I am unable to understand how to help her or understand what is going on. Can you help please?

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Sometimes, it happens with kids when they re-start school after a gap. If this is the case do not worry, she will adjust with time. But if this is not the thing, then make your baby comfortable, take her the park play with her and when she is happy and having fun then try to bring up the topic and she may divulge if there is something that is bothering her in the school. Else, talk to her teacher. It is very important to communicate to the teacher, her discomfort in the school. Teachers are there all day in the school, she may be having a clue. Also, if there's any new activity that teachers may have introduced that she is not coping up with, but other kids may have picked up can bother her. As kids become competitive and they do not like when other kids can do something and are praised for that and they are not. This thing happened with my kid once when I had resumed her daycare after a gap of year. It was the daycare she was going since the age of 1, and suddenly she threw tantrums and used to cry a lot going there. I became very worried that what could be the problem. In my mind I thought of worse of things, but slowly and steadily she became fine. And it came out to be the fact that he had grown up and had stayed with me at home for more than a year, he took more time to adjust in the daycare again.

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keep talking to her and try other ways in which you feel she is comfortable with her expressions. you could play with her and do role play for preschool teacher and kid. or you could help her sit with drawing and see if she can draw something that gives you an indication. whatever you do, try and get it out of her through actions and words. if nothing helps, make sure you do immediately also speak to the teacher and staff. most of them also have CCTV these days, so maybe you can look at some footage around those days when she got upset.

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please talk to her by using play methods. she may be too upset to be able to put her feelings into words, but often, role playing using her toys can help. you can also encourage her to draw her playschool and her friends and teachers to see what she comes up with. also, please immediately talk to the teachers and staff to understand what really happened.

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Try dollhouse. Put some figurines or dolls to represent friends, her, her teachers and if she wants, any others. Start with a storyline, for eg, today we go to school and we play together. Then teacher xx said... What will teacher say? Prompt, encourage participation. If she hesitates to talk about sthg, do it gently. Don't force.

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I strongly feel you should try talking to your daughter on what happened. If she isn't answering try talking to her teachers and ask them if something happened. This incident doesn't sound normal to me

yes, I agree you might want to talk to her teachers regarding this


You can communicate to teachers to find out more.