Toddler imitating

My daughter is 2 years old and her teacher has been telling me that she likes to copy her friends whenever I see her.(eg. Her classmate cannot articulate properly and she follows, her classmate accidentally drop the water bottle and she purposely drop hers.) I thought is normal for toddler to imitate others? Is there a way for me to teach her to differentiate what's right and wrong? Teacher told me that she has been telling her not to copy her classmates but I feel is too vague for her to understand.

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explain to her it is not right to do so use accidentally drop water bottle as an example, what if your water bottle broken and no water to drink? need to do a lot of talking😅 and I agree sometimes can be vague for their age to absorb

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It's very normal for toddlers to copy others, that's how they are learning new things and also because they want to fit in with other kids. I find it quite strange that the teacher would have concern over this.

My 2 years old girl is also same. she imitating everything we do.