6 year old doesn’t want to go to school

Hi my daughter in next year Jan completes her 6 years, she doesn't take interest in studies she is in class 1. Daily before going school she starts crying she don't want to go, she only wants to play or watch tv, I asked her teacher is there any problem in school with her but she said no,we are so upset she get hyper many time, pls suggest what should we do

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Hey, I think it is not something unique that is happening to you. She is just 6 and she will take her time to set in a routine and follow a schedule. My daughter is also 6, and though she listens to most of the things that I tell her, she drives me crazy on the days when she is in no mood to do her homework. I think, when we start putting the pressure that we feel on our kids, then the kids in their own way retaliate. They are too small to do it in an accepted manner, and don't know that if they will have a conversation with their parents perhaps parents will understand. Like, an infant when born and is hungry or uneasy or unwell shows his discomfort by crying. Same way, when they are this young, they do not know any other way of showing their discomfort by getting angry, crying, being stubborn, defiant etc. I suggest, do not bother her too much. Give her break at first and talk to her teacher and tell her that even if she takes time in picking up things in class, let it be. You do not mind her coping a little late. Give her some more time is what probably what she is signalling to. Let her do things at her own pace, at the max what will happen is, she would learn things in school a few months after the regular schedule. And does that really matter!

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at less than 6, your daughter is still quite young to really sit and study. i understand your concern, but trust me, i have two kids, 9 and 3, and i have been through this myself. does your daughter get enough sleep at night? sometimes, the main reason for kids being grumpy and crying in the morning is because they need more sleep. i suggest you try to put her to sleep a little earlier than usual. my kids have to leave by 7, so i make sure they are asleep latest by 8pm, sometimes even earlier. it helps to keep them fresh in the morning when they wake up at 6. also, play with her a little while making her brush or giving her a bath. make those school-going activities enjoyable and fun, instead of a chore that she has to do. as for studies, let her take her time. if you are worried that she is not able to cope up, help her learn through play methods. if she gets upset and hyper, let her take a break once in a while and just pamper her and be with her. this is just a phase, so don't worry at all :)

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Perhaps, with all that pressure that a child suddenly feels after coming in class 1 after kindergarten is taking a toll on her. My youngest daughter went through the same kind of mood swings and bad behaviour phase. It was so bad that one day I had to get her home from the school gate because she cried so much. So, I took her a day off and did not scold her or be bad to her in anyway for missing school. I spoke to her teacher and she said that some kids take time to adjust in the new class. Since, the life in school for these kids is no more like the way it is in kindergarten. So, they feel pressure of sitting throughout the class, they have to adhere to the instructions, they have set eating time, etc. So, I think your girl is finding it a little difficult to adjust herself. Be sweet to her, give her the time she is asking for, and at the same time counsel her.

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relax mommy, she is only 6 :) at this age she will learn so much from everything around her, that it is a full-on learning experience for her. don't just stress on learning from books. let her enjoy various activities that will stimulate all her senses and make her more open to learning, rather than just reading and memorizing what is in the school books. once you separate that, it will be easier for her to associate school as a fun place. make her sleep a little early than she does now, so that she gets enough sleep and wakes up fresh. play with her in the morning, let her make her school lunch with you, such as a sandwich. these small things can make it an interesting experience for her that she will look forward to :)

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If there are no issues at school, such as bullying, mean teachers, or friendship drama. Or if they don’t have friends, arrange play dates with other kids in their class. You can start by asking the teacher for names of students who are kind spirited. Then take her toys away. Make it very, very, very boring at home. Then school will seem like so much fun!!! Hope this helps! Good luck!

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That means she has a playful mind there are many strategies which u can make her interested in studying by mixing studies with games and games with studies

To me the teacher is the problem,she should be the one to make the kid love school.she should try to be very playful with the child

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Have you checked out the school curriculum? Is it too hard or too easy for her? Does she have friends in school?

That's my 9 year old son 😂😂😂I tried everything