My daughter 13yrs of age had skipped school for 2days and forged letter to her teacher stating her absence. She has a very strong character and even after we asked her she never apologies and merely replied that she wanted to stay at home.

She had played truant before. Please help as we are at lost as to how we should educate her on this, seems she never learn her lessons.

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This points to a specific issue that needs resolving rather than a child pushing the boundaries of rebellion. Have you tried speaking to her in a safe space way (ie you arent in trouble, but we are worried)? If she is still not willing to share, perhaps the next step is to either speak with her close friend (if you know them well) or to call the school and make an appointment to see the headteacher - this could be something as simple as she is embarrassed about something that happened, or more sinister (and therefore needs dealing with quickly) such she may be being bullied. Good luck! And please share with us what the reason was, so we can all learn from this. Thank you!

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Ohh... Its seems like something is being hide by your daughter from the school happenings. Can you pls try to understand the problem of your daughter?

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Although my girl didn’t play truant, she is also being hard headed starting when she turned 12. No matter what we say. I just hope it’s a phase.

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other than talking to her about it, no other option alr...

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Oh no. Did your bring her to counselling? School does provide ?

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Yes, school has also counseled but she will just keep quiet. Both of us parents have tried our very best to understand and even give in to her but she being to head strong and refused to answer us. The more we tried the more she avoid us and this lead to an argument . The teacher have also say that she has strong character and will not admit her mistake,