My daughter came back one day and said that one her friends forgot to bring pocket money. She wanted to lend her $1 to buy some food and was scolded by the teacher. She felt really bad and said that she just wanted to help her friend. I sort of understand why the teacher scolded her but also don't want to dampen my daughter's spirit of being a good friend to someone in need. What do u mummies think I should do?

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I think this is where the teacher should explain why she did that. Speak to her teacher and be on the same page with the reason to why she was stopped. This way she will understand that helping people is not a bad thing, but in some situations, the adults can deal with it better. Have a go at it!

I think having a good talk with the teacher would be good to have a better understanding of the whole situation and why she reacted that way and I do agree with the rest of the mummies that you might advice your daughter to share food the next time it happens to her again.

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Agree, the teacher should explain why she stopped your daughter. Your daughter could also share her food with her classmate instead of lending money straight.

She could also treat her to some food instead of lending her the cash. Anyway the teacher should make clear her actions too!