Heaven or hell? Or something else?

Mums and dads, how would you answer to your child's question on "where do you go after you die"? Do you just cook up some story or just say "heaven" or "hell"?

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For me i will ask my child back the same question.. "Where do you think we will go after we die?" From there I will extend the topic.. "Why do you think we will go to XXX after we die?" I like to make them think and find out answers themselves.

I'll ask them where they think they will go, then take the opportunity to talk about doing good deeds who you go two heaven, and if you do bad things you ,go to hell. Will probably find a storybook on this topic to talk to them

This is a very tough question to answer actually. I guess I would try to Answer in such a way that death is not something to fear. This helps kids understand that it is a natural process.

For me I'd cook up some story and say "heaven", and ask them about where they would like to go and why?

I will ask the child back too to find out what he/she is thinking. And answer them honestly.


How old is your child? Your answer needs to be age appropriate

It’s alright to tell a story. Nothing too scary though.

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Heaven for sure! I would also explain to her why etc(:

It is always to heaven. 🤔