Hey mums and dads, do you feel guilty towards your elder one when your 2nd one came along? How do you split your time between the 2 or more kids?

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I don't have #2 yet, but for a while, I was actually more fixated about feeling guilty that I will NOT have a #2 fast enough! I'm an only child and I didn't want my son to grow up alone, or to have a sibling with too big of an age gap. I do have mummy friends with multiple children, and I'd say that spending alone time with them works! Time together as a family, time with all siblings, and "date time" with each sibling and one parent :) Gives your child the undivided attention which makes them be more open to telling you things they may not be comfortable with when together as a family, and also gives you the bonding time to understand each child better!

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My friend tried to make sure she spends alone time with each one. Also, she will take every possible chance to explain to her elder son why his younger sister needs more attention now (as she is still young) and it is not because mummy and daddy loves him less. Whenever she can, she would shower her elder one with lots of cuddles and kisses as most of her time is spent caring for the younger one. One more point is that she will always make it a point to be the one to put her elder one to bed at night. Still, there is no running away from the guilt that she is always feeling. It's really tough being a parent.. Take care!!

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all the time. so when my 2nd gets older and doesnt need me so much. i will bring my 1st old to run errands with me and spend time to talk and bond w him

Don't feel guilty or bad. Your children know you love them despite the number of siblings. Treat all of them fairly and all will be ok.

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i'm already having problems with two kid. with one more coming in july. i have no idea how am i going to spilt my attention on them

yes. i cant split my time so i try to do everything with them together. i feel bad.

Yes! All the time! I have been feeling so awful and terrible lately.