post natal massage

any mummy here never do post natal massage aftr giving birth? i knw its gd to have but i got financial pblm thats y i nvr do, hopefully nthg happen to me ?

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Dont think it is critically required. More for wellness and relive from aches or stress. If you are concern, then go for those one off session at the shop.

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I don't feel any difference after do. Light exercise such as sit up and side leg row after post natal works better on me

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It’s actually not necessary; it’s just relaxing of course. I didn’t do after my first delivery; no issues so far.

Hey, It is not a must. Just take care of yourself and your fitness and have proper rest and you should be fine

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I did not. Just rest when you can and do not overdo things. Take care of yourself and you will be fine.☺️

Bought package but gynae said don’t do after unexpected c section. Am fine!

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Nothing bad will happen.. it will only free you from those aching & stress.

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i nv do 😂 don't feel good after doing 😅


Not necessary if you can't afford, not a must

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I didn’t do. It’s perfectly fine :)