Mummies who send infant baby to infant care... how u ensure that the infant care will feed ur bb with breastmilk? I can feel that my infant care dun like to feed breastmilk to bb.. probably bcoz they need to warm it and taking too much time? What should I do?

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There is a thermos bottle which you can use for the IFC as it can keep liquids warm for up to 10 hours. The teachers just need to feed baby directly with the bottle. There is always a way out. If your baby is below 6 months of age, do try as much as possible to breastfeed exclusively.

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If the IFC is not supportive then i would advise you to give formula milk to the baby. You can feed breastmilk after baby returns from IFC. The reason is being, if the breastmilk has been mishandled e.g. more than 2 hours or unhygiene in the centres, containmination might happened and upset the little one's tummy.

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Find another infant care. It’s unacceptable not to accept. Breastmilk is the best gift you can give and if you’re already on that journey it’s best to continue. Can be hard on LO tummy to switch between both. They shouldn’t dictate how you feed your child, makes me sad/angry to hear about these centers.

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i would suggest let your baby have formula milk while at the care and breastfeed when you are home. that way, you will be sure that your baby gets the safest type of milk, instead of it being kept out too long and not being warmed properly.

If that's how you feel just give formula milk. If that would assure you. Also the Pacific baby bottle, does not last. I was using it. It never managed to keep the milk warm that long as stated.

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You need to trust the IFC before placing the baby there. If you feel that they are lazy to warm the baby milk up because it takes time, then i feel that you should change the centre.

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Yes. Sometimes just got to trust that the infant care teachers will do what's best for your baby. If keep doubting them, life will be miserable for you.

yes. I did what mummy Diana mentioned. I'm afraid they would mishandled. so I just give fm when bb in ifc and night time and before go ifc - bm.


Yes it happens.. Its ok .