Breast milk for infant care

Dear mummies, how do you pack and label the breast milk for your little one to infant care. 1) Do you put the chilled breast milk in the bottle or pack into the milk storage bag? 2) On the label, do you indicate the date and time of expression milk or the time to feed the infant? #firsttimemom

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Please label it with very visible name, the centre mixed up the breast milk and fed my baby with a stranger’s breastmilk even though it was labeled with name, time and volume, I was very upset and anxious as some diseases may pass through breastmilk and we do not know how the other mother’s dietary preferences and how it was being expressed. Carelessness by the teacher and I just have to let it go but I want the school give me the SOP and walkthrough again.

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1) check with the school they prefer you to pack in bags by individual feeds or in bottles by individual feeds. Mine prefer us to pack in bags by individual feeds. 2) label name, date & time of expression. And volume (in ml)

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1) up to you, if u have enough bottles to spare u can keep in bottle, if not milk storage bag is the next best 2) i indicate the date n time expressed, the IFC teachers shld know when to feed ur infant (ie. oldest one first)

Ask the teacher. mine is only frozen breastmilk, so put in storage bag. as long as label the name, it's fine as will return the unused packets everyday.

I tink i only mix my milk n pour into one bottle enuf for the feed.. then pack in a cooler bag for them.. if i not wrong they will keep in fridge so yeaa