Hi mummies! What do you guys use to clean baby toys, board books and playmat? My lo puts everything in her mouth so I wanna make sure everything is clean.

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For baby toys, use baby accessories cleanser to wash it. For boardbooks and playmat, u can use baby wipe to clean it once every few days

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Thanks all! In the end, I got the babyganics cleaner for our high chair and playmat and pigeon liquid cleanser for cleaning toys..

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After washing with soap, can kill bacteria with alcohol. Alcohol evaporates fast, so after it is dry can let baby handle

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Wash them with pigeon liquid cleanser :)

Using this. After spray no need wash.

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2y ago

I bought this from baby fair. I find it very useful, so I use it for kitchen also. Together With lec wet wipes. You can try search.

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I use babyganics cleaner.

Pigeon liquid cleanser

Baby organic cleanser

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UV sterilizer?

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