My baby is 9 months old She have been putting everything she can get her hands on into her mouth since 3 months! I don’t mean toys only by EVERYTHING I literally mean door stopper, slippers, books, chair, cable, fan, remote, phone etc... basically anything you can think off anything you see in your house she will bite, lick or whatever as long as it can fit into her mouth she will! HELPPPSSSS it’s is soooo frustrating!!!!! No use giving tether or rusk she will throw one side and go for other things! I know is because of teething but I dont see any other baby go all out like her! She’s literally like a RAT!

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She is a baby and knows nothing. What frustrating you so much to the extend of comparing her to a rat? They're babies and are growing. If you do not want her to go around getting things that are not suppose to, then get yourself a baby gate or a playpen and put all your things out of reach from her. Every babies are mostly like that, just that them mothers dont rant about it or think its frustrating. God knows whats behind close doors of every parents. You don't see other baby go all out like yours? Dear, you haven't met my son!

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9mo ago

Auntie chillllllllll lmao it’s just for fun comparing her to a rat. LOL angsty for fk lmao. Haven’t met and wouldn’t wanna meet your son. My girl is enough to deal with already. She’s just like a little mouse in the house chewing and biting everything. Playpen? She 9 months already know how to open the gate lol. Yeah like I said she put whatever she can get her hands on I didn’t say I dont put my things (not supposed for baby) out of her reach. You dont think frustrated or what your problem other people dont rant also their problem. I want rant and ask if anyone in same situation cannot? LOL. Fk off if you so FRUSTRATED by my post

Quite usual. I also get frustrated with baby n nonsense sometimes. I’m the super imperfect mom who allow myself to be bad sometimes lol. This evening baby kept eating his thumb during dinner 😡

9mo ago

Glad to know I’m not the only mom who will get frustrated unlike some saint auntie! My baby dont eat thumb but even dining table chair she can stand there and bite the chair???? Like what even?????

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Don’t’re not alone🙌 baby also like that until my mil said she bite everything cause she was born in rat year 🙊🙈

9mo ago

Same HAHAHHAA rat year baby

Mine is the same way. We’ve taken to placing everything in every room out of reach and vacuuming 4 times a day.

Hahahaha as frustrating as it is, I believe all mums go through the same.

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It’s normal. Just make sure toys are sanitise

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Yes mine also the same