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Hi mummies, can you guys recommend me wipes that able to wipe little one toys that she like to lick and also to wipe her mouth? currently using pureen wipe but wasnt sure if its safe to do it.

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What material is your toys? For plastic toys, I wash them and wipe them down with alcohol wipes. (but I don’t allow her to lick her toys lol). To wipe her mouth, I use cotton balls.

6mo ago

no but her finger always go trying to go in to the mouth like eating drumstick.

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I use wash cloth and cool boiled water. Don't trust wipes with anything in contact with mouth as all of them have some % chemical and not 100% water.

Huggies! Green is thinner but good for its purpose. White is thick but dry (not good) Brown is thick and smell good (love it)

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Pigeon has one for mouth and hands. Think the packaging is yellow in colour. Otherwise u can just wet some cloth and wipe!

Snapkis wipes! Safe for baby. They hv new mouth wipes too if you need to wipes your little one’s mouth also

Pigeon (blue pack) wipes for mouths and hands is safe

I'm using Zappy Food Contact wipes and Dr Brown's.

6mo ago

thankyou! I'll check it out