cleaning baby stuff

Hi mummies, What do you use and how often do you clean baby stuff like cloth books, soft toys, rattles, playmat?

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Super Mum

You can use those baby safe sanitising water, just need to spray on toys and surfaces, no need to wipe or rinse. It's easy so I can do maybe once a week or a few times a month

2y ago this one, quite cheap and works well!

I sanitize baby toys once a week with Dapple Spray. Soft toys will just wash with her clothes and then put in the steriliser to sterilise and dry.

I do thorough cleaning of toys and books about once a week. I just use water and cloth to wipe. Soft toys less often, unless obviously soiled.

Super Mum

I only clean them if they’re obviously dirty. Both kids are fine. But it’s really your preference.

Wash cloth book soft toy every week Wipe play mat every day with Clorox disinfecting wipes

Cloth toys, soft toys every 2 weeks? Just throw in washer..

Super Mum

i only washed when noticed it was dirtied